Sontakka plant is a white flowering perennial plant, which gives out very intense fragrance when it flowers.

It is a great choice for growing in your home garden as it can be easily grown in containers.

How to take care of Sontakka Plant?

For Sontakka Plant Care, keep it in partial to full sunlight, potting soil should be fast draining yet be able to hold moisture for a good period of time. Feed it with fertilizer during its blooming season and cut off the stalk once flowering season has passed.

Sontakka Plant Care

Sontakka flower is called White Ginger Lily in English, because of the identical looking bulb to that of ginger.

Apart from this, it is known by many names like:

  • Sugandhi
  • Dolan Champa
  • Camia

Sontakka flower plant is very easy to grow plant and needs to be grown under watch as they turn invasive if let to grow freely.

So, growing them in a pot is one way you can make sure it won’t take other plants space.

Today, I will walk you through everything on how to take care of Sontakka plant.

How to Take Care of Sontakka Plant – The Complete Guide

Sontakka Plant Shedding Leaves

When you are growing any plant in pots or any other container, you are growing it in artificial conditions, so you have to provide it with everything that mother earth would naturally provide it.

So, let’s see what does Sontakka Plant requires to stay healthy and bless you with beautiful flowers.

Optimal Potting Soil For Sontakka Plant

Blending the potting soil ingredients

The first and the most important part in Sontakka Plant Care is its potting soil.

The potting soil you make for Sontakka needs to be fast draining but should also be able to hold moisture.

Because the soil has a good amount of coco peat in it for better water retention (or say to hold moisture for long time), you will need to add Fungicide as its bulb are very susceptible to fungus.

Take 1 tbsp. of SAAF fungicide (the best in the market), add it in the above mixture and then mix all of them well.

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Sunlight Requirement

In order to take care of Sontakka Plant, sunlight will also play an important role.

As Sontakka flower plant loves sunlight and it requires 5-6 hours of sunlight (partial – direct).

But when you have just sown its bulb, it should be kept away from direct sunlight.

So, for first 10-15 days keep it under shade, and then take it out during morning sunlight and again keep it under shade in the afternoon.

Due to this process, it will adapt to the sunlight and then finally after 20-25 days, you can permanently move it to a position that receive direct sunlight.

During summer season, keep it under shade during afternoon.

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Water Routine

This plant requires a humid environment to grow optimally, for this you need to keep its soil moist of the time.

During summer seasons, you will need to make sure that the soil is evenly moist, otherwise this plant will struggle to keep itself up.

Water it in the morning and even evening if required.

Always check if its soil is moist or not, if it is not, then water it just enough to make the soil moist.

Never flood it with water otherwise it will start to rot.

In winters, the water won’t evaporate like summers so you won’t need that frequent watering
but still be cautious of its soil and try to keep it moist.

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Fertilizing Sontakka Flower Plant

Although Sontakka flower plant is not a heavy feeder but a little food doesn’t cause problem. Does it?

So, adding vermicompost or cow dung in a month or so can really help in its proper growth and flowering.

Additionally, you can provide it with NPK (19:19:19) fertilizer during its flowering season when it requires nutrients the most.

Other than that, it will mostly be fine.

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Sontakka Plant Not Flowering

Sontakka Flowering Season ranges from Mid Summer – Fall ( May – October).

But there are a few reason why your Sontakka plant won’t flower.

Not providing it enough sunlight

If you don’t provide this plant good amount of sunlight, it might look in great shape but won’t be able to flower. It requires good amount of sunlight for that.

Keep it in some place where it can receive bright indirect sunlight all day long.

Requires Fertilizer

Another solution to this is DAP (Diammonium phosphate), which is high in nitrogen and phosphorus and helps in the flowering of Sontakka plant.

With the help of a trowel, dig some soil near the roots of the plant carefully and sprinkle some DAP.

And water the soil immediately for it to dissolve the nutrients in the soil.

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I hope this simple guide on caring for sontakka plant has answered all your queries, but if you still have any questions left.

You can always ask them in the comment section.

Go ahead and plant your white ginger lily plant bulb and be amazed by its beautiful flowers.

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