21 Terrace Garden Plants to Beautify Your Space (Best List)

Have you been scratching your head lately to find out the perfect Terrace Garden Plants?

Then look no further, you have come to the right place.

If you are short in time & were to ask my favorite terrace garden plants then here you go:

Best Plants for Terrace Garden

  • Peace Lily
  • Rajnigandha
  • Aparajita
  • Adenium
  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant

I have further divided this post into different section, so its easier for you to decide which plants you want.


Terrace Garden Flower Plants in India

Aparajita/Butterfly Pea

Aparajita flower

Aparajita is one of the most beautiful flowering plants for terrace garden and is also very easy to grow and care for.

This is actually a creeper so; you will have to provide it with some support to let it grow to its full potential.

Its attractive blue flower will surely become an eye catcher.

You can read this article – Aparajita flower – Care & Grow Guide

Spider Lily

If you would like to add a very funky looking flowering plant to your garden then Spider lily will enlarge your pupils.

Spider Lily - Most amazing terrace garden plant

It has got everything that no other flower has.

If you want to add varieties to your garden then you should obviously get this plant.


When you talk about flowering plants for terrace garden and there is no mention of Rose, it’s like you are committing some kind of sin.

Earlier, I used to think that rose is very hard to grow and maintain, seeing its popularity and prices.

I guess that’s just because of how beautiful this flower is.

Rose - gorgeous flowering plant for terrace garden
Just look at this beauty

Because, contrary to my belief, it’s quite an easy to grow and care for.

Complete guide on – Rose Plant Care India

Rajnigandha  (Terrace Garden Plants in India)

If you want your terrace garden to smell like heaven (if there is one), Rajnigandha is a must have for you.

Our very own Rajnigandha plant just flowered a few days back and the evening trips to the terrace have increased multifold.

Rajnigandha in pot flowering

I just can’t describe the sweet pleasant fragrance it has, that you just can’t have enough of it.

Once the sun sets, the fragrance gets stronger.

Rajnigandha is one of the tough to kill plants I can suggest you, and totally worth it.


One plant that won’t ask for your much attention and will still keep flowering flawlessly all year.

This is what makes hibiscus the top choice for terrace garden plants for gardeners.

Keep this is plant in a location which receives morning sunlight for 4-5 hours and then stays under shade for the rest of the day.

Peace Lily

When it comes to the most gorgeous flowering plant for terrace garden.

I would rate Peace Lily at the top.

Peace lily - Most aesthetic indoor flowering plant
Our Very Own Army Of Peace Lily

My god, its white flower popping out of the contrasty dark green colored leaves is a sight that I can’t get out of my head.

If you are looking for a flowering plant that is easy to care after and looks amazing Peace Lily is the one.

You can read this guide to know its basic care – Peace Lily Care


Known by many names like Vinca, Periwinkle this flowering plant is a must for your terrace garden.

You must be wondering…why?

Sadabahar flower

Because, this is one of those plant which flowers almost all time of the year and is the easiest to care for.

So, it will keep the colors game on for your garden even during the winter season when most of the plants will go into dormancy.

Adenium (Plants for Terrace Garden in India)

The “Desert Rose”, one of the most unique plant that you will ever come across.

The stem of this plant looks like someone’s fist buried under the soil.

Don’t you think so?

This bald looking plant will surprise you with its beautiful flowers all-round the year.

But I wouldn’t suggest it to people who are just starting with gardening, once you have developed your green thumb then you can bring this beauty to your addition.


Most important thing you need to care for Adenium is while watering it.

It loves to stay in dry conditions, and is very prone to root rot if there is overwatering.

So, make sure you water it just enough and keep the potting soil fast draining.  

You can check the detailed version here – Adenium care guide


Adding more to the color game of your terrace garden, marigold will come very handy.

Marigold - Plant for terrace garden

This plant requires very less space, a small pot will be enough for it thrive.

Just provide it with good sunlight and it will keep blessing you with beautiful flowers.


most beautiful terrace garden plant

No doubt Bougainvillea is one of the best looking flowering plant out there.

Its pink and white colored paper like flowers are just breathtaking to look at.

Bougainvillea is a must have terrace garden plant in India which will multiply the beauty of your garden.

You can easily grow Bougainvillea in pots by following this simple guide.

Also checkout this step by step guide on starting a terrace garden.

Terrace Garden Plants in India (Non Flowering)

Jade plant

These cute little succulents are perfect for a sunny spot on your terrace garden.

Jade Plant
cutest army you will ever find

And the only thing you need to be careful about them is watering them.

Grow them in a fast-draining potting soil, and water only when it gets dry.

Snake Plant (Plants for Terrace Garden in India)

If low maintenance and aesthetic looking plants is what you are looking for your terrace garden then Snake plant should be on the top of your list.

Snake Plant - Low maintenance indoor plant

This is the reason why I have given them the top position in the easiest indoor plants to grow at home.

These plants grow very well in low light conditions as well.

Spider Plant

The most exciting plant that we have at our home is Spider plant.

Just looking at this plant gives you that positive exciting vibes.

Spider Plant - Easy to grow indoor plants in India

One of the easiest plants to grow as well as to maintain, this is perfect for anyone who is just starting with gardening and haven’t developed a green thumb yet.

Areca Palm

I don’t know what is it about Areca Palm but this plant has the most appealing looks.

Also, it removes a lot of toxins from the environment and cleanse the air for you.

So, looks and purification it does both for you.

Aloe Vera (Terrace Garden Plants)

Undoubtedly, one of the most grown houseplants of all time is Aloe Vera.

And why not…!!!

Aloe Vera succulent in potting soil

This juicy looking plant has plethora of benefits right from purifying air to skin cleansing.

Just make sure you read the Succulent Care Guide to not kill it.

Terrace Garden Fruit Plants


One of the easiest fruit plants you can grow on Terrace is Papaya.

Papaya plant on our rooftop garden

For this you will need a large grow bag as this plant grows quite big.

Put this plant in a location that receives good amount of sunlight.


One of the most loved fruit plants to grow on terrace garden, which is quite easy to grow but tricky to maintain.

Watering Tomato Plants while growing them at home

Watering a tomato plant needs to be taken care of with precision, otherwise it can spoil all your hard work.

That is why you should read this awesome guide on growing tomatoes at home.


I was surprised to see pomegranate hanging on a small tree on our terrace garden.

Pomegranate a great fruit plant for terrace garden

The plant is only around 3 ft but there were quite a few fruits hanging on it.

You will surely love to have this healthy fruit plant on your rooftop.


Chilly find its use in almost everyday life in Indian kitchen at least (don’t know about other country).

chilly plant

Lots of sun and regular watering will give you good amount of chilly in 2-3 months period.

A perfect fruit plant for terrace garden that doesn’t involve much looking after.

Learn to:- Grow Green Chilly Plant At Home


fruit plant for terrace garden

Apart from the lemon fruit, the fresh fragrance this plant provides can be the sole reason to grow it around you.

Lemon plant takes quite a time to bear fruit so you may need to care for it patiently.

Useful Plants For Terrace Garden in India

Lastly, these are the plants which you can grow on your rooftop garden according to your uses and preferences.

But one important thing which I shared in “16 useful home gardening tips” is noteworthy, that vegetable plant attracts more bugs that any other plant.

And if you are not ready to tackle these then grow only 1-2 vegetable plant at a time and be ready with your organic pesticide to get rid of them.

Otherwise your terrace garden will turn into a mess in no time.

Here is a list of vegetable plants you can grow on terrace:

Bottle Gourd/Lauki


Ladyfinger Plant


Tinda/Apple Gourd



That’s it.

Final Words

I hope this guide will help you decide which plants you want to bring for your rooftop garden. If you face any problem then you can always ask your queries through the comment section.

Happy Gardening.