Best Office Desk Plants in India – That’ll Uplift Your Mood

An office desk is a place where you spend most part of your day & staring into a computer screen for more than 8 hours a day, can be energy sucking and often make you feel lifeless.

On top of that:

There are days when you are under constant stress with no way out of it.

So, how do you add life to your monotonous office desk and instead fill it with positive vibes and full of life? 

The simple answer to that is – by adding plants to your office desk.

You simply can’t deny that just looking at plants can take away all your stress and fill you with positivity.

So, today I am going to share the best plants for office desks in India that are low maintenance and smaller in size.

So that you can easily accommodate them in your office desk and won’t have to worry much about caring for them.

What plants are good for office desks? 

Here is the list of Best Plants For Office Desk In India

  • Philodendron Broken Heart
  • Jade plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Zz Plant
  • Snake plant
  • Cactus
  • Money plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Syngonium

10 Best Office Desk Plants In India – To Uplift Your Mood

attractive indoor plants for office desk

Philodendron Broken Heart – A Desk Plant That’ll Make Everyone Around You Jealous 

This one plant is surely going to make your office desk the “talk of the town” or say office. 

It has got everything to fall for it.

With its unique shaped leaves, philodendron broken heart is an easy to care plant which grows well under shade.

So, even if your desk doesn’t get that much sunlight, it won’t have a problem surviving. 

Looking for a stress buster plant, this one is surely going to lift your mood.

Get one for your office desk or work from home office desk.

Jade Plant – Best Small Plant For Office Desk In India  

lucky plants for office desk in india

Jade plant is perfect for anyone looking for a small office desk plant in India.

These cute little, full of energy emitting plants, doesn’t ask for much maintenance but as they are succulent… they do require a fair amount of sunlight.

So, if you have a window near your desk, it would be a great place for it.

Jade plants are considered a lucky plant as well, so having them around you in your office will never let you go out of luck.

Peace Lily

Peace lily - Most aesthetic indoor flowering plant

Peace lily is an extremely gorgeous looking flowering plant that is surely going to take the interior game of your office desk to the next level.

On top of that this plant can handle low light situations very well and grows without a problem.

It is also a good air purifying plant, so keeping it near is going to provide you with clean oxygen.

If everything goes well, this plant will surprise you with its beautiful flower.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants In India

Lucky Bamboo – Most Lucky Plant For Office Desk 

most lucky office desk plants

The first plant which came to my mind when I thought of suggesting a lucky plant for office desk was:

Without a doubt Lucky Bamboo.

Apart from that lucky bamboo looks stunning and has literally no maintenance.

They grow in water and all you have to do is keep changing its water from time to time. And an occasional sunbath will keep it happy.

Zz Plant – Most forgiving Office Desk Plant  

ZZ easy to grow indoor plant

If you are looking for an extremely low caring plant for your office desk, which looks attractive as well, then I cannot suggest you a better plant than Zz plant.

This is the type of plant which you grow and forget about but still keeps on thriving on its own.

With its ability to survive in low light conditions and less water needs. 

This plant should be on the top of your list for office desk plants.

Snake Plant  

Snake Plant - Low maintenance indoor plant

Aesthetic is the first word, which always pops in my mind, whenever I start to write about Snake plant.

This aesthetically beautiful plant, which adapts to low light conditions very well, has everything to be on your office desk.

It has good air cleaning capacity as well, so more reasons to get it.

Occasional watering and less light will keep it happy.

CactusA popular Office Desk Plant


One of the popular choices among office desk plants in India is Cactus.

Because of its unique shape that looks very stunning and need not be watered for days.

You can leave this plant without any attention for weeks, and still it will keep thriving.

A very good choice for lazy bummers like me to get a hand on this one (not literally).

Spider Plant Perfect Small Plant For Office Desk

Spider Plant - best office desk plant in india

Are you looking for an office desk plant that can fill you with positive energy?

Are you the one who is under constant pressure at all times?

Then spider plant is your companion, I haven’t seen a plant that looks funkier than this one.

I don’t know what it is about spider plants but it always helps refresh my mood and I’m sure it will help you as well.

It is also one of those great fit for small plants for office desks in India.

Money Plant 

Money plant - Popular office desk plant in india

One of the most common indoor office desk plants is undoubtedly the money plant.

Because of obvious reasons like,

  • Easy to grow and care.
  • Can be grown in both water and soil.
  • Thought to bring prosperity.
  • Brings luck as well.

With so much in its bag, the money plant is indeed a top contender for office desk plants in India.

Aloe Vera 

small plants for office desk india

Aloe vera is a sure mood refresher, and there is no denying to it.

With so many health benefits, Aloe Vera plant surely fits for an office desk as well.

Due to its small size, less care and ability to grow in filtered light.

Aloe Vera is also said to absorb radiations, so having them in your office desk (possible hub of radiations) is going to help you a lot.



Another great small plant for office desk is Syngonium.

With its attractive leaf with arrowhead shape, it is a “hard to kill” plant.

Syngonium is a perfect plant for office desk as they help in absorbing harmful pollutants around you as are present in almost every office.

It can grow well in low light conditions and requires very minimal care.

How will you take care of your office desk plant?

This is a big question which might be in your mind, while getting your plants for your desk.

How will you look after them?

All the plants that I have suggested you above, most of them are very low caring and will do just fine with very little attention.

Just keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure to water the plants when the soil feels dry. Never overwater as it can cause your plant to suffer.
  • Place them on a window sill for 2-3 hours, if your desk doesn’t get any amount of sunlight.
  • Don’t place them directly in front of the Air conditioner.
  • You can even mist your plants from time to time to keep them happy and fresh.
  • You can provide them fertilizer every 2 months, so they stay healthy.

And that’s pretty much it…


I hope you were able to find out the best plant for your office desk through this post.

Let me know which one excited you the most and what was the biggest thing that made you decide it.

Share your thoughts in the comment section.