10 Best Summer Vegetables in India to grow this Season

In this article, you are going to find out the summer vegetables in India that can be grown at home easily.

The summer season is harsh in India when the temperature clocks an average of 40° Celsius.

Are there any vegetables we can grow at home with sunlight almost piercing through our bodies?

Yes, indeed.

10 of the best summer vegetables in India are:

  • Coriander
  • Cucumber
  • Potato
  • Brinjal
  • Lady Finger
  • Lauki
  • Pumpkin
  • Tinda
  • Tomato
  • Chilly

But before that let’s just look at a few summer gardening tips:

Although these vegetables love sunlight not to such an extent so make sure to have a good quality green net that allows only 50% of light to come through.

More water is required compared to any other time of the year.

Just like us, plants also need more water because most of the water is evaporated in such hot conditions.

Things You Will Need:

That’s it.

Now let’s see what vegetables you can grow:

10 Summer Season Vegetables in India – You Should Try to Grow


Coriander is enjoyed as a food dressing all over India which enhances the taste of salad or curries, they are sprinkled over, and can be grown easily in summer at home in any container (pots or grow bags).

They don’t require much space and are ready for harvesting in quite a short period of time.

Growing coriander at home
Right from our home

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Fun Fact:
You won’t have to ask the shopkeeper to give you free dhania as we Indians tend to do very commonly.


Summers are here and who doesn’t like these water-filled vegetables?

cucumber - best summer vegetable in india

Cucumbers are ideal vegetables to grow in summer and require a bit of support (wooden stick, or rope going over the roof) to let their vines grow and flourish.

You will certainly love these home-grown cucumbers as a salad in summer.

Potato (Popular Summer Season Vegetable in India)

Potatoes are a no-brainer as they tend to grow by themselves.

You might have noticed at times that potatoes start to get green-colored eyes (start to sprout) when kept for a long time on our kitchen shelves.

Potato summer season vegetable of india

So, all you have to do to grow potatoes in summer is to dig a deep hole or use a big grow bag if growing it in a container and keep it there.

Although it’s a long process it is worth waiting for.


Brinjal or Eggplant finds a special place in Indian Kitchens. Be it Baingan ka bharta for northerners or Sambhar in the South or Litti chokha for Bihari’s brinjal is a special vegetable.


This vegetable loves warm weather and is a good fit for growing in summer.

Okra/ Bhindi/ Lady Finger

Bhindi also loves hot weather & full sun which makes them one of the best vegetables to grow in summer.

Although once the plant starts to produce Bhindi make sure to pluck them before they mature enough.

summer vegetables in India

Because if left for a long time over plants, they will stop producing more.

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Bottle gourd/ Lauki

Bottle gourd is an extremely alkaline vegetable that helps you control your acidic level and keeps you healthy.

Having them in your garden is a great benefit.

Bottle guard ready to harvest

These creepers love hot weather and can be grown easily in summer.

But make sure to have ample space for its vines to grow.  

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Pumpkin (Kaddu)

Another great vegetable that can be grown in summer in India is Pumpkin.

It is a creeper plant, which means it grows along the ground.

All other creeper plant is usually given support to grow upwards but you cannot do that with pumpkins as they grow really big and heavy.

Apple Gourd (Tinda)

Yet another healthy vegetable that loves sunlight and thus can be grown in summer in India is Tinda.

Tinda curry is savored all over India and they are pretty easy to grow and care for.

Apple gourd is basic in nature and keeps our body cool during the hot weather.

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Tomato is one vegetable you will find in every garden. (I know they are considered fruits but it mostly depends on the purpose you are using them for).

Watering Tomato Plants while growing them at home

Apart from being used as food they also add to the beauty of the garden with those red hanging balls.

You can grow them easily in summer but they require extra care while watering.

If you overwater or underwater tomato plants, they tend to develop rotten bottoms which are quite common so make sure they are neither overwatered nor under watered for a healthy yield.

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Chilies are also a good fit for growing in summer and seeing their diverse use in India (be it eating it raw, using it in curry or making pickles out of it) they certainly need to be on your list of summer vegetables to grow.

chilly plant

Chilly is one plant that is always hungry for sunlight which makes it the best fit for growing during summer times.

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A Few Words For You

I hope this article has provided you with the information you were looking for.

If in any case, you were looking for anything else do let me know through the comment section.

Growing these summer vegetables at home is surely going to be rewarding as the taste difference and sense of achievement you get from this is out of the world.

Do share your experience with us all.