8 Amazing Fruits That Can Be Grown In Pots In India

If you are short in space, and want to enjoy home grown fruits.

Or have you been searching for terms like:

  • Is it possible to grow fruits in pots?
  • What fruits can I grow in pots in India?
  • Best fruits to grow in pots?

Worry not, you have come to the right place.

Just to get started, I must tell you:
There are plenty of fruits that can be grown in pots in India.

And today I am going to share with you the name & some images of the fruit trees we have in our home garden.


Before we move on to the list, I just want to tell you that fruit plants take much longer time to bear fruits than vegetables, so you need to be patient while caring for them.

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Don’t go overboard with fertilizers thinking you are keeping them food deprived.

Let’s get to our list:

8 Best Fruits That Can Be Grown In Pots In India


One of the easiest fruits that can be grown in pots is Papaya. With the right type of potting soil and enough sunlight this fruit tree will grow in no time.

Papaya fruit growing in pot
straight from our terrace garden

Watering papaya is a no brainer, water deeply once and then wait for the soil to dry.

Overwatering can cause trouble.

PomegranateHealthiest Fruit That Can Be Grown In Pots

I was surprised to see a small tree on my uncle’s terrace garden with strikingly red fruits hanging on it.

Pomegranate - fruit that can be grown in pots easily
crowded with pomegranate

And was even more shocked to know that it was Pomegranate (Anar).

Because pomegranate is one of those high-priced fruits (not exactly exotic, but you are getting my point right) but can be easily grown in pots.

If you are looking for a beautiful fruit plant to grow in pots which is high in iron content, Pomegranate is the one to go for.


Lemon fruit is one of the most popular fruit trees among home gardeners in India which can be easily grown in pots.

Get a big sized grow bag or container, and keep providing it with good sunlight.

lemon fruit tree growing in pot
epitome of freshness

The fragrance that oozes out of its leaves is also very refreshing and helps in relieving stress.

Although be patient with your lemon tree as it can take quite a time to start bearing fruits.


Yes, it is possible to grow oranges in pots and is quite easy.

orange fruit - easy to grow in pots

Be sure to use a potting soil that has good drainage capacity (that is the water shouldn’t stand too long) and also be very careful to not overwater orange plant.

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Keep it in a sunny location as it thrives well under sunlight.

Mulberry (shahtoot)

I have a very faint memory of playing in my school garden and lining up to throw stones at Mulberry tree and enjoying the fruit. We used to call it Shahtoot (mulberry is still quite fancy for me ?).

mulberry - easy fruit to grow in pots

This sweet and a bit sour tasting fruit can be grown in pots easily.

It requires a good amount of sunlight to grow so keep the container in a location that is exposed to direct sunlight for a good period of time.


Well, yes Tomato is a fruit plant if you didn’t know or if you want to argue, check out this article by National Geographic.

And is one of the most grown fruit plants in pots.

tomato plant

Tomato is a bit tricky when it comes to watering, both overwatering and underwatering can cause trouble. So, keep a great watch while watering.

Also, tomato plants crave for calcium rich diet, so adding finely powdered egg shells can help you grow healthy tomatoes.

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Chilly is a great fruit plant that is used almost every day in Indian houses.

For growing chilly in pots, the most important thing is sunlight.

chilly fruit in pots

Due to its sun loving property it also requires frequent watering but is extremely easy to grow and will give you fruits very soon compared to other fruit plants.

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I wouldn’t suggest pineapple for the people who wants results fast (like me ☹).

This fruit plant can be grown in pots although the process is painstakingly slow.

pineapple growing in pot

We have a pineapple plant on our terrace garden from the last 2 years but we are yet to taste it.

Yes, you got it right it is still growing.

So, you better start with one if you can look after it for a long…*3 time.

Important Things You Should Know While Growing Fruits in Pots 

Size of the Container

Fruit plants generally grow big in size and their roots go deep into the soil.

That’s why, the bigger the container, easier it is for fruit plants to grow.

So, always get a big size pot or grow bags for growing fruits in container.

Coco Peat

Coco peat is basically the dust that comes out from the husk of coconut.

It is used in making potting soil for container gardening because:

It is very light in weight and allows the roots to grow freely and also retains moisture for a long time so that you don’t have to water less frequently.

So, in all it is very essential for container gardening.

You can buy coco peat easily or you can learn to make coco peat at home


Almost all the fruit plants I have told you in this article requires good amount of sunlight.

Failed to do so, the plant will grow unhealthy or might not produce fruit.

So, make sure you provide them with adequate amount of sunlight.


To bear fruits, these plants require a lot of food.

Organic vermicompost, Cow dung and bone meal all are good for this purpose.

Don’t go for chemical fertilizer otherwise there will be no use of growing them at home.


These were the 8 best fruits that can be grown in pots in India.

Do invest your time in growing fruits as seeing them grow from scratch is an unmatchable experience.

If you have any problem related to gardening or want any ideas, do come to Garden Troubles or you can comment down your queries if you are having any problem related to gardening.

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    Can we grow jamun in grow bag on rooftop. My nursery man told me that jamun tree becomes very big in size . Is there any dwarf jamun (grafted) variety available.
    Second thing I want to ask in Jaipur climate can we grow plum(aadu).

    1. Yes Jamun tree grow quite big in size, I’m not aware of any dwarf variety for now.

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